Health & Safety Policy

OCEANGATE's robust health, safety and environmental (HSE) culture is driven by our uncompromised values. Ocean Gate approaches HSE from a combination of bedrock principles and extensive knowledge obtained over many decades of experience. Safety is Ocean Gate's first Core Value.
We are strongly committed to sound CASHES-Q practices in all aspects of our business. This is to prevent injury and protect all employees and subcontractors from work hazards and occupational diseases in the execution of their responsibilities.
The corporate policy statements that have been duly endorsed by the directors of the company and signed by the managing director explicitly states that: “All OCEANGATE employees are responsible for protecting the Environment, Health, Safety and Security of her workers, Customers, Contractors and the Community in which she does business according to this policy”.
This policy is applicable to all our partners-employees, client, contractors, and visitors. All incidents, near misses and potential hazard that might lead to injuries to personnel or damage to equipment and the environment must be reported immediately to the nearest HSE representative.
OCEANGATE regards the protection of the Environment and promotion of Health and Safety measures at all levels of its operations as paramount to the way in which it conducts its activities.
OCEANGATE provides and maintains a safe, pollution free and healthy working environment by complying with all applicable statutory guidelines, regulations and laws.
To this end, all employees, contractors and customers are adequately trained to ensure that they work safely in their respective functions and to protect the environment.